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by on February 13, 2023

Writing a dissertation is not just producing as many pages as possible. For some dissertations are no more extensive than a detailed scientific paper. Then again, there are doctoral theses that are several hundred pages long. The doctoral regulations of the individual departments determine how many pages the doctoral thesis must contain. Further information is available from your doctoral supervisor. If there is a specific number of pages, you must stick to it. Too many as well as too few pages can have a negative effect on your evaluation.

When you write a doctoral thesis, not only the number of pages is extensive. The scientific work to be done is also immense. You are required to deal intensively with the literature and collect and evaluate your own data and draw scientifically correct conclusions from it. You may be required to submit the doctoral thesis in English.

Sometimes it feels like you’ve exhausted pretty much all the possible ideas, but the word count is still not enough. Hire a writer to suggest new ideas. It’s always useful to let somebody else look at your job. It’s hard to decide which writer is worth hiring. Read this review of customwritings.com, they have plenty of good writers.

If you have underestimated the scope of the thesis or your foreign language skills, you can have an editor help you with individual tasks. For example, a linguistic and grammatical correction is possible, which is particularly useful if German is not your native language.

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