Jerry Thompson
on June 4, 2022 138 views
Want to track your Mercedes-Benz? Then you can with Mercedes me!
Most Mercedes-Benz 2015 or newer have this capability, all you need is:
A Mercedes me Account
Terms of Use Accepted
Car linked (verified by a dealership)
A Valid Subscription to the "Remote Package"
To clarify, the existing tracker built into Mercedes-Benz vehicles utilises GPS and cellular networks. Due to infrastructure and other external variables, it's use can be affected so if tracking is required 24/7, with extra security protection & for insurance purposes, consider purchasing a dedicated Tracker:
0:00 Intro
0:47 Why a Tracker?
1:34 How to set it up
4:43 Switch off tracking in the car
#SandownMercedes #MercedesBenz #Mercedesme
I use these for all things USB-C! Compatible with all models of Mercedes-Benz that feature USB-C ports, compatible with Apple CarPlay & Android Auto too!
Shoutout to Sandown Mercedes-Benz in the UK for providing access to all of the cars you see in the videos! Check them out:
🎥⬇️ THE GEAR I USE! 🎥⬇️
(I do earn a small commission on & Amazon Affiliate links above but these do not affect my recommendation by any means)
🎵 All music in this video is from Epidemic Sound:
Over 35k songs & over 90k sound effects
🎥 B-Roll clips obtained from:
Daimler Global Media & Mercedes-Benz Newsroom (used with “editorial purpose permission”)
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